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Prestige HR Group offers wide range of ample HR solutions to valued clients in this era of technology since 2013. We invite companies to practice our HR consulting, HR training, cloud HR software to optimize human resources skills.

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We provide ample HR solutions to organization. It includes HR recruitment / Executive search / Corporate & In-house training / Workers HSE training / Digital HR software / HR policies SOPs drafting & execution

HR Strategy Development

Like contemporary HR consultants, we help organizations develop HR strategies aligned with their overall business goals. We analyze the organization's current HR practices, identify gaps or areas for improvement, and recommend strategies to enhance employee performance, engagement, and retention.

HR Policy and Procedure Development

Our consultancy assist in creating and updating HR policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment laws and regulations. We may develop guidelines for areas i.e. employee conduct, leave policy, performance mgmt. HR policies and disciplinary procedures are developed by making decisions and taking on the day-to-day actions.

Recruitment and Selection

HR consultants offer guidance on effective recruitment and selection process. This involves developing of JDs, creating interview guidelines, conducting candidate assessments, and advising recruitment tools and skills.

Training and Development

We identify training needs within the organization and design or recommend appropriate training programs. We may conduct training sessions themselves or collaborate with training professionals.

Performance Management

HR consultants assist in designing performance management systems that align with organizational objectives. This includes establishing performance metrics, developing appraisal processes, and providing training to managers on conducting performance evaluations and feedback sessions.

Employee Relations

Our team provides guidance on managing employee relations issues, such as conflicts, grievances, and disciplinary actions. Like contemporary HR consultants, we advise on best human working practices, investigate complaints and help organizations ensure fair and consistent treatment of employees.

Compensation and Benefits

As consultant we assist in developing compensation structures, salary benchmarking, and benefits programs. It might to analyze market data, conduct surveys, and make recommendations on competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top talent.

Compliance and Legal Issues

We provide HR advisory stay up-to-date with employment laws and regulations, ensuring that organizations remain compliant. We conduct audits, advise on legal desires and recommend to mitigate legal risks related to HR practices.

Organizational Development

We support organizations in managing change, such as mergers, acquisition, or restructuring. Our HR consultancy assess organizational culture, endorse strategies for change management, and facilitate with communication and collaboration across teams.

HR Analytics and Metrics

Prestige HR Group may help organizations leverage HR data and analytics to make informed decisions. We analyze HR metrics, such as employees’ turnover, engagement, and productivity, and provide insights for improving HR practices and strategies.

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Prestige HR Group is commitment to reach excellence in providing reliable Human Resources of consistent high quality to our clients. Our passion towards learning and continuous improvement.

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